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Battery Monitors & Watt Meters

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1S to 8S Voltage Checker with Alarm
Very versatile little gadget. Displays voltage of individual cells and total voltage. Alarm buzzer sounds and red LED lights if any cell drops below specified voltage.

Can also be used as a basic digital volt meter to check receiver packs and other batteries without balance leads (up to 30V) More...

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GT-Power Voltage Analyzer 3 in 1 (2-6S Lipo/LiFe)
Connects to the balance port of LiPo/LiFe batteries and gives a real time display of each individual cell voltage, records the lowest voltage, and has a configurable low voltage alarm. More...

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GTPower Mini 30A Mini Watt Meter
GTPower Mini 30A LED Voltage, Current and Watt Meter

Real time and Peak readings of Voltage, Current (Amps) and Power (Watts)

Input voltage range: 5 to 25V
Max current: 30A
Voltage tolerance: ±0.1V
Current tolerance: ±0.1A
Dimension: 40 x 20 x 10mm More...

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Libra 100A Watt meter, Battery checker and balancer
Out of stock
This meter is a precision device controlled by a microprocessor and precise resistors. It has three functions: Watt meter, Battery checker, Battery balancer.

For all types of lithium battery (Lipo, Lilo, LiFe) with a balancing plug


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On-board 3.5-7V LED Battery Voltage Indicator
Do you know if your BEC or battery is delivering enough power for your receiver and servos?

This is an inexpensive way to insure your aircraft against low power problems. Just plug it into your receiver and check the LED.

Weight: 4g
Wire length: 28cm
Working voltage: 3.5 to 7V (typically for 4.8V or 6V RX battery)
Working current: < 20mA
Connector type: Futaba/JR compatible

5V above: green LED
5-4.5V: Green , flash slowly
4.5-4V: Red LED
Below 4V: Red LED, quick flash

* This unit can only work under 7V, and can not connect directly to 2S Lipo. More...

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SkyRC 7in1 RC Multimeter
Out of stock
The SkyRC i-Meter will carry out many functions related to Electric Powered models all in one meter!

* Battery Checker
* Battery Internal Resistance
* Watt Meter
* Servo Tester
* Optical Tachometer
* Temperature Gauge
* Thrust Calculator


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